Water and its Life

Investigate to understand the role of water in life and community

  • How much water is required in our community?
  • Can we continue to obtain enough water to supply our needs?
  • Can we get sufficiently pure water?
  • How do everyday decisions  affect the quality and quantity of our water supplies?

Challenge Description:

Create a special committee of 6 members who will present at the special meeting in front of your local municipality council regarding the present situation of water in Bagmati(water sources around your community) and investigate who is responsible.

Members of the committee must prepare an oral presentation for various stakeholders:

  • Information for water resource management and sanitation council members in municipality
  • Information for local ward offices
  • Information for members of  FNCCI in the community
  • Information for Scientists
  • Information for Engineers
  • Information for Local Tax paying local community members

Create a simulated television interview, in which television interview team will question on the various information provided in the above presentation.

Challenge is further divided into various 5 stages as given below. At stage 5 students will showcase their various reports and presentations as instructed by the rules of the challenge.

Stage 1: The Quality of Water

Stage 2: A Look at water and its contaminants

Stage 3: Investigating life in water

Stage 4: Water Purification and Treatment

Final Stage 5: Putting it all Together: Polluted Water ----Who Pays?

In each stage team has to complete various tasks in a given timeline. For example: Various tasks for Stage 1: The Quality of Water are:

  • Purify the Foul Water
  • Information Gathering
  • Water Use Analysis
  • Water resources in community and its Water Cycle

Rules and Regulations:

  • A team consist of one teacher and at least six members.
  • Also students must choose their category depending upon their current classes.
    • Senior: Class 8-10
    • Higher Secondary: 11-12
  • The registration fees per team is: Rs. 2000/- only; which can be deposited at:
    • eSewa account:9812385731
    • SBI Bank Account:Sanam Shakya (A/C no. 19015241403453)
    • Pay amount in cash to the FutureLab representative visiting your school

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