In FutureLab Dojo we guide through your path to become an embedded ninja. To master embedded we have three level of skill development program.


If you want to learn and built robots but unaware how to start. Then FutureLab is the place where expert will teach you various skills in field of robotics. We will provide resources to develop line following robots to advance robots which can be controlled through ROS.

Rapid Prototyping

Currently due to easily available rapid prototyping machines like 3D printer you can easily fabricate your designs. In FutureLab we will teach you tskill needed for 3D printing.

Path to Embedded Ninja

In FutureLab Tinkering Dojo to guide you to become a embedded ninja we provide you with three skill level. Each level is represented by color as belts while learning martial art, which signifies skill learned.

  • Level 1 - Master theĀ  Arduino programming
  • Level 2 - Master the ARM programming
  • Level 3 - Be the embedded developer

For more info check out the following document: FutureLab Path to Embedded Ninja

Next Steps...

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