Nepal Robotics Competition 2076

A national level robotics competition dedicated to science, technology and hands on learning. 

NRC competition consists of various competitions for three academic levels.

  1. Junior for Class 6-7
  2. Senior for Class 8-10
  3. Higher Secondary 11-12

Competition consists of various robotic challenges. Students must design, construct and program their robots to solve specific challenges on a field. Points are scored for completed tasks.

Further competition is divided into three stages:

  1. Preliminary
  2. Regional
  3. National Final

Rules and Regulation

  • A team consist of one teacher and at least four members.
  • Also students must choose their category depending upon their current classes.
    • Junior: Class 6-7
    • Senior: Class 8-10
    • Higher Secondary: Class 11-12
  • The registration fees per team is: Rs. 1500/- excluding robotic workshop and Rs. 5000/- including robotic workshop of 12 hours; which can be deposited at:
    • eSewa account:9812385731
    • SBI Bank Account: Sanam Shakya (A/C no. 19015241403453)
    • Pay amount in cash to the FutureLab representative visiting your school

Register Here