Library of Hardware

Want to try and learn new hardware!! FutureLab is the place where you can issue hardware to explore and learn. You will be able to get hardware just like books in the library. Apart from that there will be tonne of resources regarding that hardware in form of workshop, trainings and projects.

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Project Based Learning

After learning new hardware what to do next? Its time to dive deep into hardware by doing guided projects with FutureLab. We will provide you with completely new approach of learning through projects or Project Based Learning. This will not only add to your knowledge but also reflected in your portfolio for your future endeavors.


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Groups and Support

Learning by oneself is very difficult and unfruitful. In active learning, there is always a group, where one can share and do discussion about there learning. So keeping this in mind we have groups and forum, where you can ask problem you face while learning or solve the problems others are facing.

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How to access the FutureLab?

By taking Membership Plan

After becoming member of the FutureLab, one can access the hardware available at the FutureLab. Also one has to attend the workshop related to the hardware organised by FutureLab.

By registering in the workshop/training orgranised by FutureLab?

If you have not got the membership of the FutureLab, but just want to attend workshop then just register to any of the events.



Next Steps...

Join us and begin your journey towards new way of learning